Teacher Grants

Ed Nuss Grant

The Ed Nuss Grant Program has been awarding grants to our schools since May of 1995. Some recent grants which have been funded were a grant to the Theater Arts Department at Whitefish Bay High School to fund a part of an original theater production portraying local history as a part of the State’s Sesquicentennial Celebration and a purchase of various anatomy models for the high school Biology Department. The mission of the grant program is to encourage and assist teachers, staff and students in developing exciting and innovative ideas which can be implemented as a part of the educational curriculum. Creative programs or education concepts which will provide an educational benefit for a large number of students will be given priority.

The following are general grant criteria.

  1. The proposal must provide an educational benefit.
  2. The proposal must request funding to assist in instituting an innovative or creative program.
  3. The proposed educational idea or concept must be one which is not funded by the regular school budget.
  4. The proposal must have the approval of the administrator in charge of the program and the principal of the school.
  5. Funding levels will not usually exceed $500.00 per proposal. However, the Foundation will consider proposals exceeding that amount in circumstances where the proposal could not be implemented for $500.00, there is no other source of funding, and the program presents an exciting and innovative idea which supports the educational goals of the district.
  6. Proposals must be received by the Foundation on or before April 1, for funding for the Fall semester and by November 1 for funding for the Spring semester.
  7. The school district will retain ownership of all proposal materials, equipment, product developed and intellectual property arising from the program.
  8. Within on year after the date of the proposal, the applicants must submit a final report to the Foundation describing how the project funded by the grant was successful  according to the criteria described in the grant proposal.

The Foundation reserves the right to honor or reject any and all proposals.

Cindy Nelson Grant

The Whitefish Bay Public Education Foundation, Inc. administers the Cindy
Nelson Education Fund, which is a scholarship program for teachers. The Fund was created through the generous contributions of family, friends and colleagues of Cindy Nelson, and Whitefish Bay community members.

Cindy Nelson taught in Whitefish Bay public schools from 1975 until she
unexpectedly passed away in March of 2004. She worked at all four public
schools as a speech pathologist, first or second grade teacher. Her career was marked by dedication to excellence and a deep devotion to the education and development of her students. She served on the Foundation and filled the roll of secretary for part of that time.

The Cindy Nelson Education Fund scholarships are available to Whitefish Bay public school teachers and other professionals in an amount up to $595 to pay for tuition or fees for educational courses, workshops or seminars that will enhance the applicant’s ability to educate students in the Whitefish Bay public schools. Approval is within the discretion of the Foundation, although the goal of the Foundation is to disburse all funds relatively expeditiously to eligible applicants in the order requested.

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please complete submit electronically or send the form to:

The Whitefish Bay Public Education Foundation Cindy Nelson Education Fund

1200 East Fairmount Avenue

Whitefish Bay, WI 53217

If you have any questions, please contact Julie Riedl at Cumberland School.

Email: julie.riedl@wfbschools.com